Sincere Thanks to Our Generous Donors & Members


The Friends thank the following people for their generous donations (March – May 2017) to honor the memory of Beth Woo: Patricia Wong, Edward Wong, Jenn Chen, Cindy Fong, Chansons Properties, Jennifer T. Lum, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Karen Lew, Lawrence Gilbert, La Kretz Family, Kent Wong, Jaimie Levin, Annie Jeng, Diane Jeng Wong, Lee Wong Associates, and Cherry Gee.

In addition, the Friends thank earlier donors (2013-2015) who honored Beth Woo: Pei-Lu and Timothy Li, Beth and Wilbur Woo, The City Market of LA, Loeb & Loeb LLP and Hanson LA. The Friends, the Library Staff and the Woo Family will decide how to best use these funds to help the Chinatown Branch Library.


Donors in Memory of Dolores Wong

The Friends thank the following people for their generous donations to honor the memory of Dolores Wong, one of the founders of the Chinatown Library.

January 2015 – April 2015 Donors

Anna & Howard Anderson, Marcia Chan, Arline & Donald Chang, Elizabeth Chikumi, Rosemarie & William Crisologo, Fleur Fong, Elsie Ho, Annie Jeng, OCA-GLA, Elfreda Pon, L. Schoon, Mary Ellen & Jack Shu, Beatrice & Stanley Wong, Diane Jeng Wong, Juliana & Anthony Wong, Tyrus Wong, Beth & Wilbur Woo, Debra & Wendel Wye, and Robin & Peter Yee

The Wong Family requested the donations be given to the Friends Scholarship Fund.

December 2014 Donors

Loretta & Perry Ah-Tye, Evelyn Chan, Kelly Chan, Kim Chau, Peggy & Arthur Chen, La Verne Ching, Phyllis Chiu, Katharine Chow, Marjorie & William Chun Hoon, Norine Dresser, Charlene Fong, Wanda Fong, Melinda Franklin, Alex Fuki, Theodora Hall, Synthia James, Pauline Foy Jung, Kathryn C. Kwok, David Lee, Jennifer Lee, Joan Lee, Wendy Legacki, Jeff Leng, Marian Lee Leng, Edward Jung Lew, Margie & Albert Lew, Melinda & James Lim, Vicky & Homer Mar, Karin Wang & Jeff Matsuda, Deborah & Mark Mayeda, Robin Perley, Helen & William Tom, Linda Tom, Ada & Dr. Edward Wong, Annie & Herbert Wong, Frances Wong, Kent Wong, Marion & Michael Wong, and Doris C. Yip

Updated 07/08/2017